The Whitetail of the Rack Ranch

Here at The Rack Ranch, herd management and genetic control allows for some of the best Whitetail deer found here in the state of Michigan.
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       The Rack Ranch Whitetail Deer

We are currently doing several different things in an attempt to have a well balanced, healthier deer herd on our Ranch. The Rack Ranch whitetail deer management practices include:

Harvesting does.

Letting young bucks grow up.

Planting food plots to help boost the nutrition.

Mineral licks.

Keeping records on the deer harvested and a log of the bucks seen during hunting season.

Leaving an area of sanctuary during the hunting season so that the deer are not under stress.

 The Rack Ranch Results:

By changing our whitetail deer management practices, we have noticed positive changes for the better. We have witnessed our bucks fighting, which we had seldom seen in past years, and bucks have started reacting to calling, especially grunting. We are now finding shed antlers; sheds are hard to find when they’re just spikes. Also the number of bucks as compared to previous years has increased. The results tell us that our buck-to-doe ratio has improved.